Types of Home Storage Shelving

Organizing storage containers to stand five feet high only works for specialty items, if at all. Home storage shelving offers a better more flexible solution to your organizing needs. Shelving provides dense storage where floor space is highly valued.


Holiday items, for example, store well in high stacked containers because all the containers are gathered and opened for the one occasion. Christmas boxes are opened at Christmas time and the decorations hung out. At Halloween, often all costume boxes are opened to experience the memories of the costumes and pass costumes along to friends.


High stacks of boxes are uninviting to look through because the lowest box is inconvenient to access. If the boxes were clear plastic or even smoked plastic containers, and what you are seeking could be seen in the in the bottom container, then moving the top three or four containers may not be too bad.


If containers are being stacked, be certain that the bottom containers are strong enough to support the weight of the higher ones. Placed the heaviest boxes at, or near the bottom, to keep the stack as stable as possible.

Shelving allows smaller stacks of boxes to still claim under utilized vertical space. Floorspace is possibly the most valuable space in any home, or garage. Building shelves for vertical storage against a wall is the easiest way to gain dense storage.


Going vertically up and horizontally across a wall can yield significant storage for some of the items that collect in closets, under the bed, or on the floor of the garage as part of clutter.




Open shelving provides good value for home storage. Adjustable open shelving is best as shelves may be spaced to accommodate different sizes of storage container. As your needs change, and storage containers vary, the spacing between shelves may be adjusted.


There are a variety of open shelving types available. They fall into two broad categories. The first category is freestanding. Freestanding shelves are vertically stacked shelves attach to four corner posts.


The second category is wall mounted. Wall mounted shelves rest on fixed brackets that are cantilevered from a wall, or rest on brackets that mount into standards attached to a wall. In the case of standards, the brackets are adjustable vertically to allow the the spacing of shelves to be changed.


An easy mistake to make when installing shelving, is to use brackets or standards that are rated to support much less weight than the items to be stored. The results are often disastrous.


In particular, pay attention to wire shelving. Wire shelving is not intended to support heavy weight. It is intended for use in closets and pantries where light weight items are stored.


Select shelving system for the weight that you want it to support, first. Aesthetic is important, but the main purpose of shelving is to suspend load above the floor.


Standards for shelving may be attached directly to the wall or suspended from a horizontal rail. Storage systems using suspended standards are very quick to install. Standards that are fixed to the wall can often support a heavier load.


However, for really heavy loads freestanding shelving is the most secure option.


Surprisingly free standing shelving units are often easy to assemble. Many units assemble without the use of wrenches and screwdrivers.

Shelving units can be knocked together using a mallet or a heavy piece of surplus wood.


Consider shelving as an investment. All shelving systems can be dismantled and moved to another location should your address or storage needs change. An advantage of the free standing shelving units is that they do not require walls to be patched and repainted when the units are relocated.


One of the major disadvantages of shelving is that they can be quite unattractive. The best solution is, quite frankly, to hide the collection of storage containers. Use a movable screen placed in front of shelving. Or, drape curtains across the set of shelves.


Pre-made drapes, available at most fabric stores, and/or fabric shower curtains are good options to improve the look of shelving.

If draping shelving is not chic enough, then the next best option if you must have shelving is to install cabinets.


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