Will Electricity Beat Oil? – Self Sustaining Energy

Will electricity beat oil?


I sure hope so?




Because oil is completely killing our planet. Not just global warming is caused by oil but also wars.


oil rig


The war for oil began many years ago whether you realised it or not. Countries try to hide it of course, but we all know these wars aren’t for the sake of peace like we’re told.


*Cough* America *Cough*


Many innocent lives are taken away because countries are fighting for these resources. If we find a way to make the use of oil obsolete, this could rid much pain that the world is going through.


I’m not just talking about innocent lives through war but also natural disasters that are caused by global warming.


global warming


The kind of self sustaining energy I’m talking about is solar energy. Where energy is produced by the Sun.


If solar energy is produced in a clean way and becomes a cheaper more effective way of producing energy, this would change everything.


I literally can’t imagine what the world would be like. However, I believe the world would be a better place because of it.


Solar energy technology has advanced incredibly in the last few decades and if this keeps up then we may well see a solar energy future.


The electrical certificates we get, we can be proud of knowing that the electricity being produced is clean and ethical.


I believe the best way of keeping up the progress of having self sustained energy is by teaching it in our schools.


Letting students know what’s going on in the world and making sure they don’t think global warming is a myth.

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