Quality Magician in UK

Alan’s Mind Waves shatters the illusions of reality! This program astonishes audiences by dramatizing the unusual powers of the mind. It far surpasses the boundaries of traditional magic. It is not a Uri Geller lecture, although objects will l bend through the power of the mind alone. This is not a comedy show, even though you’ll laugh like crazy. Here are a couple of things you have to see.


Clairvoyance…Imagine Alan predicting the numbers of someone’s drivers’ license or the amount of change they are carrying from across the room! It is a mind-numbing experience.


Unexplained Phenomenon…You won’t believe your eyes when the initials of a thought of friend mysteriously appear on the spectators arm! Two Spectators participate in a haunting story during which they feel ghostly touches on their shoulder!


Hilarious Fun…Sophie, the worlds only mind-reading snake will ferret out a secretly chosen card! I guarantee your whole audience will laugh their heads off at Sophie’s antics!

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