Panasonic Cordless Circular Saw Review

The Panasonic EY3551GQ is a cordless roundabout saw that gives satisfactory capacity to rapid applications and also fine cutting occupations. With various valuable and imaginative highlights that convey phenomenal execution over an extensive variety of various assignments, the Panasonic EY3551GQ is a model of effectiveness and predictable unwavering quality in a moderate and reduced bundle.

Fundamental Selling Points


The Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless round observed is outfitted with a 6 ½ inch 48-tooth edge that has a solid carbide tip. This enables it to give predominant exactness and accuracy when making fine cuts.

Regardless of its intense execution and exactness, the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless round observed is shockingly lightweight and simple to utilize. Following an unequivocally ergonomic outline that makes it appropriate for an assortment of many-sided cutting work, the Panasonic EY3551GQ can likewise be utilized even far from a mains control source because of its cordless plan.


With respect to control, the best cordless circular saw observed uses a one of a kind inverter charger framework by method for a Ni-MH battery. This enables you to utilize the unit for a few hours on a solitary charge. The battery charger additionally gets you up to full charge in as meager as 65 minutes, and with the capacity to cut 280 bits of 2 x 4 pinewood in a solitary charge, you can simply envision how much function you will have the capacity to do with the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless round observed.

In any case, where the Panasonic EY3551GQ truly emerges is in its to a great degree all around adjusted development. With a smart ergonomic plan that makes it surprisingly simple to utilize even in tight spots, the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless roundabout saw can be utilized for extend periods of time with no client weakness.



Item Details/Features

1. Highlights a best in class 6-1/2-inch edge with a solid carbide tip

2. Ground-breaking 18 V battery driven engine

3. Fast reviving and long battery life

What’s in the Box

1. Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless roundabout saw

2. 6-1/2-inch sharp edge

3. 3.5Ah Ni-MH battery

4. Widespread charger

5. Shaped conveying case



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