How Safely Office Things Should Be Moved?


Are you thinking about downsizing or up scaling for efficacy? Let’s face it, whether you are relocating to the next block or to the other side of the country, moving can be stressful. Advance planning is the key to a successful office move. Computers are sensitive and fragile hence the need for proper packaging to prevent damage. Here are tips they have been tried and tested for ensuring a safe office movement.


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  • Back up all your important data; you cannot afford to lose crucial data at any cost. It is advisable to back up your important information twice. Upload your files to cloud storage and also transfer them to an external storage device. In case anything happens during the move, you will have your files intact.
  • Donate or sell items you don’t need; paying to move things you will not need in your new office is an unnecessary cost. Disposing the items may be expensive. Moving gives the perfect opportunity to purge your office of old furniture, PC’s and printers. You can either resell the items or donate them to charity through a capable clearance provider. For non reusable items, recycling will help cut on costs.
  • Take measurements of bigger items; Measure the larger items such as cabinets, copiers and desks beforehand. This will help you determine the space and arrangement you will require in your new office.
  • Start packing early; packing consumes a lot of time. For a less stressful and more organised move, start packing several weeks prior to the moving date. Start with things you do not use often. Pack items that are small enough to be placed in a standard box. There is no need to unpack vertical files, unless they are higher than four drawers. Lock the cabinets if keys are available. Lateral files must be emptied.

  • Keep your electronics safe; getting valuable equipment damaged is among the biggest fears of a company while moving. Using the original boxes the electronic came in is the safest method to move your electronics. This gives your items the support they need to keep them safe. If you disposed the original boxes, you may opt to call a specialty packaging company to replace them. Do not stack computers over each other. Look out for instructions that come with every device as improper handling could cause damage thus making the warranty void. For some equipment, you may be required to seek approval from your vendor before moving it. The vendor might insist on moving leased items themselves.
  • Monitors are fragile; monitors break easily even under the slightest mishandling. Bubble wrapping and taping each monitor will do the trick. Ensure you do not get any tape on the monitors. Ensure they are well labelled for extra caution.
  • Cables; Remove all cables before packing the computers. This ensures that no cables are misplaced or damaged. Disassemble one computer at a time. When you remove the cables, place them in a zip able bag. Number the computer and the bag similarly to know which cables belong to which computer. This will save you lots of time as you reassemble your computer.
  • The bigger the truck, the better; access the volume of your items before getting a truck. This way you will avoid too much cramming .A bigger space will help you pack correctly. However don’t get a truck that will leave too much space to prevent things from moving around during the transit.
  • Label; everything that is to be moved should be labelled. Putting tape around the label helps keep the label intact. Labels are a green light on what is supposed to be moved. Avoid putting labels on leather or fabric. Labels should be placed on the sides of items due to stacking.

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  • Storage; All fragile items need to be bubble wrapped, which might be expensive. You may be tempted to go for a cheaper alternative which might cost you much more eventually. Bubble wrap is an efficient way of packing small fragile items. It keeps them protected during the move. Place the bubble- wrapped fragile items in a box and mark it fragile on all sides including the top. With improper labelling, heavier boxers could be stacked on top of fragile items which should be avoided. If contents make noise or shift when you move the box, they probably are not safe enough.
  • Manpower; make sure you have enough manpower when moving your office. This will ensure larger items are safely loaded in the truck. This also ensures the movers are safe. Hire man and van services can help you with this work.

Following the above tips will help you avoid expensive mistakes during an office move. If possible, monitor the equipment in transit to ensure it is safely moved to the desired destination.



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