Finding a law firm?

Family law disputes are some of the most emotional, intensely personal types of cases that people encounter. That should be no surprise, as the foundation of a person’s peace and familiarity with their home life are completely altered in such proceedings. Divorces and custody litigation can affect where you will live, how often you are allowed to see your children, how you will spend your paycheck, and may even dictate who can spend the night at your house. And sometimes, a family law case will spawn a “crossover” criminal case. A criminal accusation of, for instance, domestic violence can threaten your very liberty. It has been jokingly said that people display temporary insanity and act in crazy ways when going through a divorce and/or custody battle. But there’s an element of truth in such jokes. People act in unusual and unpredictable ways when their security and home life are abruptly disrupted.


At a time like this, you need to feel confident that you are in good hands. You don’t want to have to worry about whether your attorney is zealously defending you. Going to a “big name” attorney may make make you feel more confident, at least initially, but will often zap your funds completely. And, unfortunately, as some people find out the hard way, the “big name” often means that you get lost in the shuffle of hundreds of competing cases. Personal attention and care are virtually nonexistent.


Law firm and divorce attorneys believe that every case is important and requires individual attention. Aggressive representation is paramount to securing a favorable settlement or verdict in a family law case, or an acquittal in a criminal case.


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