Easy Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Tile Floors

Keeping up your tile flooring can certainly end up being a modest bit of work. However, the same as anything else in life, you get out exactly what you put in. The main element whenever it concerns caring for your tile floors is understanding which kind of tile you have and what type of treatment options are safe for that specific kind of tile. For those who have natural stone you certainly need to stay away from any kind of cleansers which contain acid, vinegar, or bleach. These items will wreak havoc upon natural stone by etching and eating its way through the exterior of the tile. Not quite the outcome you would like from an attempted cleaning. Therefore, make certain you have an understanding of the care recommendations for your specific kind of tile flooring.




To begin with, much like your carpet, you should be sure to vacuum your tile floors on a regular basis. It might seem like sweeping would probably be the more sensible choice here but utilizing a vacuum cleaner designed for hard flooring is more efficient and actually less abrasive on your floors.


When you finish giving the flooring a good vacuuming it is a good idea to follow up with a micro-fiber sweeper. This will be something much like a Swiffer that will grab whatever the vacuum cleaner may have missed.


Tile flooring should also get mopped routinely. Routine moppings will help to keep your tile looking all new and fresh. When mopping it is advisable to work with a string mop as opposed to one that has a sponge head. And if available get a string mop composed of micro-fiber. These sorts of mops, much like the sweeper, are incredibly great at getting up whatever is unclean without creating scratches on your tile.


No need to use a lot of cleaning agent while you mop. A large amount of detergent could cause residue build up which in turn can cause significantly more work for you later down the road. A little bit can certainly go a long way. In addition, stick with a neutral pH cleaner created for tile. This kind of cleaner is delicate yet effective.


When you are mopping, rinse out the mop regularly with clean water. This will stop you from re-distributing dingy water onto the flooring. And lastly, each third time you mop, don’t use anything except water. This is going to essentially give your flooring a beneficial rinsing which will eliminate whatever residue which could have accumulated as a result of earlier cleanings.


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