This is the Best Way to Learn SEO – Plain and Simple


SEO is a very tough game to master but there’s a shortcut to mastering it.


And what’s that?


It’s called SEO coaching.


That’s right. The best way to learn how to rank on Google is by getting a coach.




You need someone who has already ranked in the past and is doing it as a full time income.


This way you know they’re legit and understand how to rank.


So how do you find a proven SEO coach?


I would recommend checking out one of the SEO coaches at


Their coaches rank websites full time.


ClickDo also has a proven track record of ranking many websites all over the world.


So if you’re serious about learning search engine optimisation, then you need to hire a coach. It really is that simple.


Learning SEO by reading blog posts all the time isn’t always the best idea.


Because there’s a lot of outdated content on the web and if you’re considering buying a course, then make sure to check the date it was published since it could be old and outdated.

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