Atlanta Natural Gas

Atlanta Natural Gas engineers focus on “optimum” power and energy solutions for our customers – which means we seek Trigeneration energy/power systems.  Trigeneration is the most efficient, economic and environmentally-friendly method of making power.

Why worry about your company’s power and energy problems any longer? 

EGS wants to be your company’s outsource partner and supplier for your company’s  power and energy services. Our focus is to eliminate your company’s power and energy problems!

We put an end to your company’s;

* Power Interruptions & Black-Outs
* Environmental and Emissions ConcernsWhe
* Power Quality Problems
* Increasing Power, Energy and Fuel Expenses

Our company’s focus and core competencies are in the areas of clean energy and power systems for our commercial, industrial and utility clients.

We become your onsite power and energy partner, supplying an optimum power (electricity) and energy (hot water, chilled water and/or process steam) system, that allows you to focus on what your company does best – its’ core competencies – and taking care of your customers.

Our optimum power and energy systems are based on cogeneration, trigeneration and even quadgeneration systems. They have also been recently referred to as:

* Buildings Cooling Heating And Power
* CHP Systems / CHP Systems for Buildings
* Combined Heat and Power
* Cooling Heating And Power
* Cooling Heating And Power For Buildings
* Integrated Energy Systems
* Hybrid Energy Systems

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