Army Buildings in Clash of Clans

  1. The first and the most important army building you meet in the game is Army Camp. You can upgrade it until it is at level 8. What it does? More you can build more and more you upgrade them you can have a bigger army! It is the largest building in Clash of Clans, so you need a big space for it. You need to know that troops that are here do not defense your village! At level 8, your Army Camp can support only 60 troops. It is important for you to know that this building doesn’t need protection, so if you place walls around it has no sense! You will just occupy space for nothing, and you need that space because it is limited! Another funny thing is that you can observe some troops reactions if you click on this building. Once you upgrade your Army Camp it will became bigger and will change its aspect! The most significant change will become only with level 7. Until then it just became bigger and some stuff as: a carrot, a bare spit, a chicken and so on show on or disappear. Once with level 7, your Army Camp will have the biggest change! It will become more imposing and black is the most used color!
  2. Laboratory is the place where Alchemist that hide here will give you better spells and will make your troops better, faster, stronger and so on! It can be upgraded until level 8 too. Alchemist will develop and make better your spells and troops because they make researches all the time! In the same time, you upgrade your Laboratory will emit different colors! Red at level 8, blue at level 7 and purple at level 1-6.
  3. But, to train them you will need Elixir. With Barracks help you can boost your production of troops, but you need to pay 10 gems or you can always get clash of clans free gems.
  4. Dark Barracks you can upgrade it until level 6. For using it you will need Dark Elixir, but also Dark Elixir Troops. These Dark Elixir Troops will be also in Army Camp.
  5. Spell Factory is the place from where you can buy Attack Spells. They will be developed by Wizards. You can upgrade it until level 5. The more you upgrade it, the more you can use more spells.
  6. Dark Spell Factory where you can create Dark Spells only if you use Dark Elixir. You can upgrade it until level 3.
  7. Barbarian King Altar is an Army Camp, a Laboratory and Barrack for Barbarian King.
  8. Archer Queen Altar is the same as Barbarian King Altar, but for Archer Queen.


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