How search engine rankings can help your business

  • Search engine rankings, that is, where you website falls in the search engines when someone searches a specific keyword or phrase, help drive targeted traffic to your website. The higher you are in the rankings, the sooner your website will be seen and the more relevant traffic you will receive. Of course, you can pay your way to the top through PPC advertising, but those costs add up and if you stop paying, you will lose a large percentage of your traffic.


    SEO Company Charlotte | StatusDigitalGroup specializes in getting you the traffic you need at a fraction of the cost. We are experts in analyzing your website and developing a customized campaign built to fit your needs and maximize ROI.

The Internet is the fastest growing medium to market products and services. Last month alone there were over 12 billion searches — how many results pointed to your website? Your competitor’s website? Traditional forms of advertising are quickly becoming outdated – we live in a technology-driven world and have to cater to it now more than ever. This makes the Internet a powerful tool…you can reach millions of users, update your website in minutes, and easily track your results. See visitor trends, get real time sales stats, and learn valuable demographic information to serve your customers. All of this can only lead to one thing – increasing your bottom line.
  • If your website is not in the top search results on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, 65% of people searching the Internet will never find it. If we could help you get almost four times as much targeted traffic to your web site by promoting you to the first page of the search engines, would you be interested? Of course you would!

    Due to the experience and effort required to properly achieve top Search Engine Rankings, it is tough for a business owner to stay on top of SEO and run a company at the same time. Outsourcing SEO services makes the most sense from an experience and a cost standpoint. When you choose us for your needs, you get a team of SEO professionals with a wide range of experience, not one person with a narrow focus and limited abilities.


    Our approach is personalized to fit your needs. There are no cookie cutter approaches that work for Search Engine Optimization. Many of our clients have hired an SEO company or an individual in the past with mixed results and poor performance. Our clients have learned to trust and rely on our expertise month after month.

SEO providers that service Brisbane

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in online search engine using the all-natural or un-paid or organic or algorithmic search results page. Search engine marketing, an additional form of SEO target paid directories. The visits to a certain web site directly depends upon where that specific website is noted on the search engine result. The greater the search rank, the much more often a site shows up in the search engine result checklist, the additional site visitors it will get from the search engine’s users. Search Engine Optimization features various sort of search, including picture search, local search, online video search, scholastic search, information search and industry-specific upright search that offers a web visibility to the site.




SEO is likewise considered to be an Online marketing approach, SEO providers that service Brisbane takes into consideration the best ways these work, just what individuals search for, what terms are typed into and which are used by their targeted viewers. It is necessary to maximize the internet site first and optimizing a website entails editing its content and coding to boost its relevance to specific keywords and to get rid of barriers to the indexing activities. Increasing the variety of back websites, or incoming hyperlinks will likewise help promote the site.


Professional martial arts academy


After teaching school for seventeen years, twelve of those in the Natrona County School District, Tom Bradach resigned his position in November of 1996 to open Casper Martial Arts Academy. Through the Academy he is able to reach more children by teaching a combination of martial arts and life skills needed for building self-confidence, discipline, logic and nonviolent methods of conflict resolution.

Independent studies show that today’s martial arts students receive higher grades, avoid more conflicts, and display more discipline and responsibility than your average students. Mr. Bradach has educational training and experience in teaching special needs children and has developed a program that reaches all children. Attainable goal are stressed and achieved, thus building self-esteem.


Mr. Bradach’s program is designed so that the child cannot be promoted in rank until he/she has attained the necessary goals established at home, school and at our academy. We work closely with the child’s parents and teachers.
Mr. Bradach has been involved in various forms of martial arts since 1969. After spending 3 years in the United States Marine Corps, he continued his martial arts training and currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae-kwon-do, a Brown Belt in Judo and is certified to teach Krav Maga, a self-defense system that gives you the ability to defend against unarmed and armed attackers. Mr. Bradach continues to help students succeed in life through the martial arts.

Resource: Kids martial arts Bloomington IL


Panasonic Cordless Circular Saw Review

The Panasonic EY3551GQ is a cordless circular saw that provides adequate power for high-speed applications as well as fine cutting jobs. With a number of useful and innovative features that deliver excellent performance over a wide range of different tasks, the Panasonic EY3551GQ is a model of efficiency and consistent reliability in an affordable and compact package.




Panasonic EY3551GQ 18-Volt NiMH Cordless Circular Saw

Main Selling Points

The Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless circular saw is equipped with a 6 ½ inch 48-tooth blade that has a strong carbide tip. This allows it to provide superior accuracy and precision when making fine cuts.

In spite of its powerful performance and accuracy, the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless circular saw is surprisingly lightweight and easy to use. Following a decidedly ergonomic design that makes it well suited for a variety of intricate cutting work, the Panasonic EY3551GQ can also be used even away from a mains power source thanks to its cordless design.


As for power, the best cordless circular saw utilizes a unique inverter charger system by way of a Ni-MH battery. This allows you to use the unit for several hours on a single charge. The battery charger also gets you up to full charge in as little as 65 minutes, and with the ability to cut 280 pieces of 2 x 4 pinewood in a single charge, you can just imagine how much work you will be able to do with the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless circular saw.

But where the Panasonic EY3551GQ really stands out is in its extremely well-balanced construction. With an ingenious ergonomic design that makes it remarkably easy to use even in tight spots, the Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless circular saw can be used for long hours without any user fatigue.


Product Details/Features

1. Features a state of the art 6-1/2-inch blade with a strong carbide tip
2. Powerful 18 V battery driven motor
3. Quick recharging and long battery life


What’s in the Box

1. Panasonic EY3551GQ cordless circular saw
2. 6-1/2-inch blade
3. 3.5Ah Ni-MH battery
4. Universal charger
5. Molded carrying case

New Local Business Seo Plans Available

SEO in Knoxville TN has recently partnered with a company and acquired access to proprietary software that will allow me to, once published, post your business profile to 50+ search engines, local business directories, & mobile map apps like Airyell, Mapquest, MetroPCS, Cricket, CityMaps, CoPilot and more. It will also allow you and I to insure that your data is consistent across all these networks, track reviews across sites like Yelp, Citysearch, Superpages and others, post to facebook, twitter, foursquare from within the Admin CMS and push that same data to your new site. Some of the sites you would be listed in: Bing, Yahoo, MerchantCircle, Pennysaver, Yelp,, White & Yellow pages, Citysearch, eLocal, EZlocal and many more. Best part? My new plans incorporate monthly reports, site backups, Google local & maps, submission to the DMOZ (the internets first directory). The cost is minimal and includes on-page seo for your site as well… Hands down the best deal around! These plans come in three flavors: 3 month, 6 month or Annual subscription.

Paid vs. Free Links has long been a debate within the seo community… especially with the recent popularity of sites such as AboutUs, Yelp and like sites, social networking business sites and others. There are thousands of free directories to choose from with more popping up daily… it seems the opportunities are wide open and all that’s needed is the patience to manually sit and submit and again all our problems will be solved… but again not so fast. Here’s the catch: If the chosen directory is full of outdated sites, spam sites, or mis-categorized sites, it’s probably not the best choice of places to list your web site. So, where does that leave us?

Paid sites: Paid directory listings are the so-called niche sites on the web and niche sites hold the greatest value. But, let me just make a point before I get too deep here: Not all paid sites are beneficial sites. A paid directory listing and a free directory listing can have the same indexing value so long as the category is specific to the site. However, you are more likely to achieve this by listing yourself in a category specific directory. I will take this opportunity to use my own directory as an example. My directory happens to be a “category specific” directory that caters specifically to Attorney’s, Law Firms and Expert Witnesses (notice the use of key search terms in my link – this is called “anchor text”) this type of directory is full of rich content specific to the legal industry and attorney’s that practice in the United States, it holds no other links other than links to other attorney’s and expert witnesses. A law firm listing themselves in this directory will benefit greatly from this link and can even gain an extra value point for linking back to the directory if they so desired.